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Choose Love and Engagement

Are you worried about how you will lead your tired, disengaged team?

Do you doubt your own ability to successfully lead your team because you feel overwhelmed?

You find yourself staying awake at night, worrying about how to make ends meet and wondering how you’ll ever achieve the productivity and results you’re ultimately responsible for. What happens when pressures seem never-ending, coming from everywhere, and time and your team do not seem like your best allies? 

Author and human resources practitioner Maria R. Nebres brings over twenty-five years of personal and professional experiences, gained insights, and problem solving with time-tested measures to offer an integrative framework to answer your leadership questions and address dilemmas. 

In Love and the Highly Engaged Team, Maria invites you to learn:

  • The truth about lasting success and what it takes to achieve it

  • Why most leaders fail when it comes to leading tired, disengaged employees

  • Two key mindsets and how the right one can help turn problems into solutions that produce commitment and top results

  • The truth about time and how to use it to make it your all

  • An inside-out leadership approach to boosting energy, talent, and engagement

  • A framework with key steps to achieve lasting balance, productivity, and results

Wait no longer to achieve your leadership breakthrough and seize the possibility that you can lead during trying times, both personally and professionally.


What Readers Are Saying on Amazon

Erika Flint 

5.0 out of 5 stars - A Must Read on Leadership!

February 20, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

 "In a working world where it’s so easy to get lost with “doing” for the sake of external results, the book Love and the Highly Engaged Team offers a refreshing outlook to leading from within. The guiding framework provided is a clear and easy-to-follow approach that I cannot wait to start implementing into my own life. I can see more clearly how personal and mindset transformation doesn’t just help to build lasting success in the workplace, but also in personal life - to live a life with more meaning, and better relationships along the way."

Maria Photo by Roger_5.jpg

Karen Koszo

5.0 out of 5 stars - A must read for not only leaders, but everyone!

March 12, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

 "Kudos to Maria Nebres! Her honest book provides a thought-provoking approach to authentically revitalizing engagement in the workplace. This is a great starting point for personal leadership in a time when pressures are at an all time high in both business and personal life. Maria brilliantly guides the reader on a journey through important decision options for the right mindset to lasting success and engagement. She details important facts and perspectives one would often overlook about the importance of the “now” and deliberate thinking, versus acting from default often clinging on to past hurts and failures. The perfect guide to add to your toolkit for personal, mindset transformation and vital continued journey to success for yourself and those you relate with!"

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars - Maria's concept of "life by deliberate design"

March 10, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

 "Love and the Highly Engaged Team is a refreshing guide to help you through your world of time crunches and chaos! Yes, there are others out there who are going through the exact same thing you are….everyday! This book helps you to recognize and get past issues that you might not know you may be struggling with. In this book, Maria Nebres is with you every step of the way! She highlights perspectives, approaches, suggestions and her own life experiences to help you win your own battle with making choices in life that serve true purpose, and not what you don’t want showing up in your life. Maria is an inspiration to all of us struggling with feeling overwhelmed in the workplace, the need to feel perfect and living our lives to others’ and external standards. This book is a breath of fresh air! Do yourself a favor, read the book and start to lead your “life by deliberate design” (as she puts it) …you won’t regret it!"

Christine Lavulo

5.0 out of 5 stars

Fantastic read and just what every leader needs to learn!

May 31, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

"As a student of FranklinCovey leadership and Jack Canfield Success Principles, I loved reading this engaging book. It gives new perspectives and is incredibly insightful. A great read for the leader and the leader to be, but really a great read for the human race in general."


Meet Maria Nebres 

Maria Free2.jpg

                                "I help professional innovative leaders to become world-class through raising their business impact with aligned engagement and productivity."


Maria R. Nebres, a best-seller author, is the principal of MPCS Inc., and the Factor Of Corporation which provides a unique blend of integrative services for achieving breakthrough results through her FACTOR OF framework. With over 25 years as a human resources practitioner and having gained human relations insights into the development and realization of authentic success potential, Maria has served her clients across diverse industries including healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical, translation services, food-service, technology, research and development, management consulting, and the public sector.

Her practice includes a service dedicated to providing healing, guidance and accountability support for authentic success and engagement, applicable in all areas of personal achievement and business-related goals, after having found her own groove through personal lessons, and from her work with inspiring, motivated people, healthy relationships, leading experts and motivational speakers/teachers in the field of mindset transformation for success management. She was awarded her certification to teach The Success Principles from the Canfield Training Group, is a certified Speaker with Expert Speakers Bureau, certified in psychometric assessment tools, and is an active member of the World Association Of Female Professionals (AOFP) and One Woman.

Maria’s framework follows a love and person-centred approach for helping high performing leaders reach their next level for achieving high engagement and lasting success, she is able to express her personal mission statement, “to enable and inspire others to create a fulfilling, authentic and successful life deliberately designed in a context of love and joy.”


Her deliberate design of her own life and career has gained her a clear and focused path to success while helping others, despite the challenges faced in her own life. Her success journey of personal transformation through abuse, toxic relationships and health struggles, have gracefully transformed her life and career from what she calls her “blessings in disguise.” These blessings have ultimately inspired her to learn from her challenges and transform them into valuable skills and services that have created the “why” for her service and message to others. She continues to be inspired to share the values of healthy mindset and relationships, passion, focus and drive for action-oriented solutions to achieve success that serve all. Today, she feels blessed by her large circle of loved ones near and far, and lives with love and joy, in the greater Toronto area, Canada.

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